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Selecting the right PowerPoint Projector

It is important to have a good PowerPoint projector when making presentations at business meetings or within a classroom environment. Within the market today, there are different types of projectors that you can buy but before all that you need to look at whether or not the projector will meet your presentation requirements and that it will make your presentation stand out to the people sitting in the audience.

There are two standard projectors that are used when making presentations, which are DLP and LCD projectors. If your presentation has static images and text, then a LCD projector is the ideal option. However, if your presentation has moving animations and videos, then you should choose a DLP projector.

Brightness Level

When comparing projectors you should choose one that has a lumens output of 5000. Lumens output represents the brightness that the projector can give out. Basic projectors will start with a lumens output of 1000.

A projector that has a lumens output of 6000 will enable people to see the presentations from a distance away. A projector like this would be ideal to use at a trade show. The cost a projector depends on its level of brightness as the higher the lumens output, the higher the price.

For presentations to a small audience within an office, then a projector that has between 2000 and 3000 lumens brightness would suffice.

Differences between DLP and LCD Projectors

The main difference between these projectors is its technology as LCD projectors uses Liquid Crystal Display whilst DLP projectors use the Digital Light Processing technique. With LCD technology, the projectors offer pulsating colours and sharp picture definition. The brightness of LCD projector surpasses that of DLP projector.

If you need a projector that you can travel around with then you should consider buying a DLP PowerPoint projector. These projectors weigh below the three pounds mark making it comfortable to carry around from place to place. 

Selecting the right PowerPoint projector entirely depends on your requirements and where you are planning to use it.

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Published on Tuesday 27 September 2011 @ 15:37:05 by ANDYW

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